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Sadly today I have to inform the good folk of ToffeeTalk that Bill, an active and constant TT member for more than twenty years, passed away on Wednesday.

In his time he contributed more than eighteen and a half thousand posts and spent many years as a valued moderator and admin, he was really part of the fabric of the site from virtually day one. He didn't always see eye to eye with everyone and was never shy of offering his opinions if he disagreed with something...no bad thing.

I was informed of the sad news yesterday by @patto, who revealed that he was Bill's brother, so condolences and sympathies to him and all Bill's family from all at ToffeeTalk, he'll be missed.

He's doubtless now somewhere telling The Golden Vision how he could've improved himself with a better work ethic!

Thanks Bill, aka Toffeelicker, RIP mate.


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Best wishes, Patto, to you and your family. Bill was always up for a debate and joust, I've enjoyed duelling with him and had a lot of respect for him. Was here when I joined and was probably key to me sticking around with the little competitions he ran back in the day. 

Rest in peace, Bill.

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Very sad to hear about Bills passing, he was a big contributor and character to TT and will be sorely missed by all who knew him. RIP Bill you will always be remembered fondly you are a true Blue legend. 
Condolences to Patto and the rest of the family I can’t begin to imagine how big your loss must feel. 

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This is really sad to hear, like many Bill was a massive part of the forum when I joined which was around 15 years ago now. He was one of those few special members that seemed to be part of the fabric of the place, as @c1982 said I remember he had the TT Emergency Board so that we could keep booting off about Everton if this place ever went down - I think that shows the work he put in behind the scenes. The fire that he showed in his posting was no doubt from a deep love of Everton and as others have said, not necessarily a bad thing at all. 

Hoping that Bill is at peace, condolences to his family and of course @patto

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