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Vitaliy Mykolenko

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8 minutes ago, Romey 1878 said:

I really wish we'd kept hold of our shit French international LB so that we could have eased this lad in. He looks nowhere near ready at this moment, and we need players that are ready because we're in deep shit.

I said this to my brother. not against the business side to selling Digne, but would have loved that to come in the summer where at least half a season you had 2 options

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1 minute ago, duncanmckenzieismagic said:

I actually thought he grew into the game, it’s a baptism of fire for the lad and he shouldn’t be put in this position but I think/ hope he might just be ok

I actually agree with this, but it would be so much better for him, and us, if he wasn't having to learn on the job in the situation we find ourselves in.

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I like his attitude. Threw himself into a few tackles, particularly the sliding interception against Sargent (I think).  Lord knows it must be really difficult mentally given the shitshow going on around us!

With the ball, he doesn't look like he belt past someone but, he looks patient and technically sound often looking for little 1-2 with the midfielders.


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Rabbit in the headlights at the moment he’s walked in to an absolute shit show.

Back pass was a massive brainfart. Got done on the wing far too easily in the first 10 minutes failed to stop the cross that led to the first goal. 

It was naive of us to expect this lad to come into this league and be able start straight away. He’s got a long way to go and I just hope his confidence isn’t knocked. 

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16 hours ago, badaids said:

Great to see him on the latest training video come out looking miserable shivering and alone, just before Patterson who came out looking miserable shivering and alone.

Guess what, I don’t really think it’s great.  Sarcasm didnt come across well…

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